These are the breaks...


I’m gonna take a little break from Tumblr for awhile folks. I’ll keep posting things on d-pi.tumblr (got queues, dunny!), but the other tumblrs will be silent for awhile.

I’ll be answering questions or whatever through the day.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for your support, as always.

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Alternative cover artwork for Pratt Static Fish circa 2001! Featuring the original Gratuitous Ninja.
…did I post this already?

Awesome Con


Thanks to everyone who came out to awesome con. Even the cat who fell asleep during the Hip-hop/comics panel. We’ll try harder to keep you awake next time, I promise (And I think @Depthzine will have video of the event for you and whomever else missed it).

Awesome con tomorrow…


Hey good peoples! Tomorrow at 5 I’ll be on Depth of Field’s hip-hop and comics panel. If anyone wants a book signed or something, I’ll be around from 4. Give me a holler here or on twitter if you plan to swing thru. Because if I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll probably just wander around outside. Real Talk.

The Slumglorious Rob Mob in their sport’s utility tanks. To rock the block and maintain control in the borough of Burūkuland, the pyrates have developed a culture of antagonization. They are known for their various, fantastic forms of transportation, unique to each crew, that intimidate all who drive in the streets, ride in the subway or even fly over the outer-boroughs of NūYāku.

YO! GNxMSGR t's on my etsy, my ninja!


I know pins are annoying, but if I didn’t use it, these ninja would slip right past your radar! 

These are limited edition Ts from the Gratuitous Ninja MSGR collaboration. Each shirt is a wearable piece of art made from the finest cotton with sewn on tags. The graphics are hand pulled by Japanese craftsmen (possibly ninja). I only brought 30 of these shirts back to the states with me. MSGR is a renowned Japanese streetwear brand out of Fukuoka. They’ve been engineering highly functional and stylish clothes for the highly competitive Japanese streets for over ten years. Gratuitous Ninja, started as a comic by Ronald Wimberly. The graphic novelist who created Prince of Cats for Vertigo, Illustrated Sentences for Vertigo and adapted Something Wicked This Way Comes for Hill and Wang. Gratuitous Ninja follows Ninja who search for personal meaning in a world in which their amazing adaptations have become obsolete.

These shirts are the first to go up, but I’m planning on posting some other stuff.